Rabbi David Fink

Rabbi Dr. David Fink

Rabbi Dr. David Fink is a well-known halachic figure in Jerusalem and an authoritative posak. He is an expert in many fields, including the interface between modern technology, medicine and Halacha. He teaches his humorous, psychologically intuitive lessons on halacha in Israel’s leading yeshivot.

Yisrael Smith

Reb Yisrael Smith

Reb Yisrael Smith studied at Yeshivat Hamivtar and Knesset Bet Eliezer and was ordained by Rav Yaakov Moshe Poupko and Dayan Avraham Kopshitz in 1989. He has also completed a BEd in Jewish studies and an MA in linguisitics. Reb Yisrael has a varied career including being a professional woodworker, college lecturer, and sofer STaM. Together these pursuits have left him with an eclectic skill set that now serves him well as chief administrator of Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo. Reb Yisrael is particularly inspired (these days) by the works of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchaq HaCohen Kook and tries to share the great light and vision of these works with our students.

Yona Rothman

Reb Yona Rothman

Yona was raised in Far Rockaway NY in the atmosphere of the Shor Yoshuv Yeshiva, ( the first yeshiva to take in people of diverse backgrounds.) He studied in the Yeshivot Novominsk in BoroPark and Pachad Yitzchak in Yerushalyim. He also studied academic Jewish history and philosophy.

Yona’s teaching focuses on developing tools to study Talmud with independence, and to connect to the learning with the innerness and soul of Chassidut.

 Reb Leibish Hundert

Reb Leibish Hundert has his Rabbinic ordination from R. Efraim Greenblatt. He was the Rabbi at McGill University’s “Ghetto Shul”, for 11 years. Reb Leibish uses his musical talents, great sense of humor and radiant personality to create a profound learning experience.