“I place Hashem before me always…” (Tehillim 16:8)

In the heart of Jerusalem, Shiviti offers Torah study that is textually challenging without being cold or academic. Here, Torah is infused with passion and filled with the inspiration that comes from its inner dimension. Our name is taken from King David’s ethos, “I place G-d before me always.” At Shiviti, we seek to always keep alive our awareness that the purpose of Torah study and all mitzvot is consciousness of G-d. And we want to help you share that awareness with your students.

Our participants have a unique opportunity to lead women’s study groups in our community beit midrash, with support and guidance from experienced staff, during their tenure with us. “The study is not the main objective; it is the practice.” (Avot 1:17) At Shiviti, you will be able to bring what you learn into practice throughout the year, so that you complete the program with solid experience in community adult education.

Our Director: Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky has been a passionate Torah educator for twenty-five years. She is a graduate of the primary and secondary educator’s programs of Beis Medrash l’Moros Yavne, Cleveland, and holds a B.A. in Classics-Judaic Studies from SUNY Buffalo. She has written, edited, and translated numerous Torah works, among them “Witness to History,” a comprehensive textbook of Holocaust history, “Living Aligned,” “The Exchanged Children,” curricula for Project Derech, and writes a regular parshah column for Binah Magazine.

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