“I place Hashem before me always…” (Tehillim 16:8)

Shiviti is a groundbreaking program designed to cultivate learned, responsive, adaptable educators. Today’s teachers and community resource personnel need an expansive and evolving set of skills and a rich knowledge base to enable their work in an ever-changing landscape. During our year-long intensive educator’s course, we will explore Torah texts at increasing breadth and depth. More importantly, our students will work with seasoned teachers who focus on sharing more than material. Our staff seeks to share its process and methodology so that the learning curve for new educators will be accelerated.

Today’s teachers need to be smarter, deeper, more literate, and more attuned than ever. Our mission is to help them get there. Our students might be entirely new to an intensive Torah-study program, or they might be graduates of seminaries, university programs, or other frameworks. They might even already be working in the field. What unites them is that they know they need more in order to really fulfill their calling.

In the heart of Jerusalem, Shiviti offers Torah study that is textually challenging without being cold or academic. Here, Torah is infused with passion and filled with the inspiration that comes from its inner dimension. Our name is taken from King David’s ethos, “I place G-d before me always.” At Shiviti, we seek to always keep alive our awareness that the purpose of Torah study and all mitzvot is consciousness of G-d. And we want to help you share that awareness with your students.

Our participants have a unique opportunity to lead women’s study groups in our community beit midrash, with support and guidance from experienced staff, during their tenure with us. “The study is not the main objective; it is the practice.” (Avot 1:17) At Shiviti, you will be able to bring what you learn into practice throughout the year, so that you complete the program with solid experience in community adult education.

The center will also be set up for distance learning, so that women in communities overseas can participate in classes online or access archived material.

Our Director: Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky has been a passionate Torah educator for twenty-five years. She is a graduate of the primary and secondary educator’s programs of Beis Medrash l’Moros Yavne, Cleveland, and holds a B.A. in Classics-Judaic Studies from SUNY Buffalo. She has written, edited, and translated numerous Torah works, among them “Witness to History,” a comprehensive textbook of Holocaust history, “Living Aligned,” “The Exchanged Children,” curricula for Project Derech, and writes a regular parshah column for Binah Magazine.

The Arc of our Academic Year


Elul term: Rosh Chodesh Elul-27th Elul (8/12-9/7) 4 weeks

Winter term: 28th of Tishrei-Rosh Chodesh Nissan (10/7-4/5)

Summer term: 30th Nissan-Rosh Chodesh Av (5/5-7/19)


Areas of Focus throughout the Year


  • Jewish “Isms”—The History of Modern Jewish Movements from Emancipation until Now
  • Spirit of the Law—Depth of the Detail of Halachic Practice from the Kabbalistic and Chassidic Perspective
  • The Holy Tongue—Exploration of Hebrew via Piyut, Literature, and a Deeper Appreciation of the Complexities of Shorashim
  • Torah Literacy—A Survey Course on Essential Works and Methodology of Use and Study, and Making Use of Digital Resources
  • Supervised Study Period and Personalized Goal-Based Testing
  • Contemporary Halachic Issues
  • The World of the Sages—Study of Talmudic Narrative and Commentary
  • The Way of a Teacher—Mentorship, Chinuch, and Pastoral Duty
  • A World of Women—Gender, Marriage, Family through the Study of the Women of Tanach and Talmud
  • The Avodah of the Heart—Accessing and Sharing the Power of Prayer
  • Iyun Rashi for Analytic Development
  • The Evolution of Chassidism as Evidenced through Text