Radical Gratitude Chaburah

“Yehudi” (Jew) comes from the word “hoda'ah” (thanks). “Yahadut” (Judaism) is by design a life-long intensive training in gratitude. But even as the stories in the Torah admit, it’s easy to lapse from the practice. If gratitude were only an emotion, it could be impossible to maintain, but hoda'ah also means ‘acknowledgement’ — to acknowledge reality, to 'admit' Divine Presence. With song, meditation, personal sharing — and a range of powerful textual studies — we will form a supportive community and attempt to make radical gratitude permeate our lives. Please bring a notebook and pen for ‘spiritual accounting’ exercises.

Rabbi Mattisyahu Brown (Men and Women)

No pre-registration required. Just show up! 30nis/class pay at the class.

5:30pm-6:45pm Mondays

Location: 25 Be'er Sheva Street

Mattisyahu Brown (from FB)

Rabbi Mattisyahu Brown

Rabbi Mattisyahu Brown received smicha from Reb Sholom Brodt, ztz”l, and Rav David Fink. He is an editor of English books on Chassidut, a professional baal tefillah and songwriter, a certified practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, the Alexander Technique, Voice Dialogue ("Psychology of the Selves"), and a lover of Jewish 'nondual' insights.