Class Descriptions


Reb Sholom Brodt (men and women)

7:30am daily

Reb Sholom Brodt (men and women)

12:30pm daily
Making the most out of The Holiday Prayers

Let’s get inspired for the best davening ever as we look into the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Machsor together.

Rebbitzen Silber

5:30pm Mondays
Inner Space II

Starting with an introduction to Olamot, Sefirot, and Partzufim, in preparation for the High Holidays. In general, it is important to understand the function of these different levels of the spiritual universe. For one, Hashem is ONE, beyond any and all categories. But He has different modes or modalities (Olamot, Sefirot, and Partzufim) through which He relates to us. Understanding how He does this gives us a tremendous advantage in understanding our lives, and history in general. Specifically in terms of the High Holidays, when we are coming before Hashem on the deepest soul-level, we want to know what our relationship is to Him.

Rabbi Avraham Sutton (Men and Women)

7:30-8:45pm Tuesdays
Ein Yaakov

Ein Yaakov is a compilation of the aggadic portions of the Talmud. We explore the aggadata through the classic commentaries, chassidic masters and mussar giants so that we can get a taste of the depth of the sages’ wisdom and the spiritual lessons they sought to share. Wednesdays

Yehudis Golshevsky (women only)

8:45 – 9:45am Wednesdays

Yehudis Golshevsky (women only)

9:45 – 10:55 Wednesdays
Halacha In Depth

Discover the opinions of the great Rabbis on issues of practical halacha, with an approach to understanding the halachic decision making process. We will focus on the halachot of Shabbat, Yom Tov, blessings, and inter-personal relationships.

Rav Fink (men and women)

11:10 – 12:30pm Wednesdays
Parshat Hashavua

Reb Sholom (men and women welcome)

8:30 -9:45pm Wednesdays
The Deepest Secrets of Shabbat

Emuna Witt-Halevi (men and women)

9:30am Thursdays

“There are millions of people dying of hunger and the world doesn’t hear it…they write about it in the newspapers but they don’t hear it inside..”

Reb Shlomo Carlebach