Program Description

The Simchat Shlomo Men’s Program provides a full, broad curriculum of studies with an emphasis on joyous celebration of our tradition in the spirit of our Rebbe, Reb Shlomo Carlebach z”l.

The expectations and demands on Rabbis have changed and the focus of their training must do so also. For instance, traditional smicha training places a very large emphasis on kashrut including the laws of slaughtering and salting meat. These are questions that community Rabbis rarely encounter. However, questions dealing with the complications of the pluralistic nature of Jewish communities are equally complex but traditional curriculums do not provide appropriate training to address these questions.

The YSS Smicha Program provides a curriculum that prepares and trains its graduates for addressing the complexities of modern Jewish communities not only regarding halachic issues but also, of equal importance, course work relating to spiritual development and guidance, community work, and electives focusing on the individual personal growth of each student.

In-depth study of Halacha and Chassidut will take place throughout the week following sessions of chavruta learning in our Beit Midrash where the students will prepare the relevant texts for each class. Active participation is encouraged and expected in all stages of learning and throughout the program.

The in-depth classes will each be 60 minutes in length and will require preparation and review time amounting to an approximate total of four hours of study per class each week. The Halacha program will include thorough examination of knowledge at the completion of each topic and also a final exam prior to receiving ordination.

In addition students will be expected to maintain their own program of independent study of Chumash and Rashi, Halacha, and Hebrew studies. Online materials will be provided for the students and students will be expected to take regular quizzes on the material studied.

During the two years, students will also have the opportunity to work with a mentor in a field of personal interest to work on a project that they will present during the final week of programming.

Finally, the Smichat Shlomo Seminary includes celebrating a number of Shabbatonim together in the course of the academic year. These will provide a forum for students to celebrate Shabbat together, do workshops on Jewish meditation, share from their own elective studies, and reap the benefits of intensive in depth informal group learning.