Mission Statement

A Life of Torah Dedication

For those special individuals who are ready to dedicate their lives to bringing joyful Torah living to Jewish communities everywhere – in Israel and the diaspora – Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo now offers a profoundly engaging program of study and personal development.

Jewish Communities need us

Jewish communities throughout the world are in critical need of professionals who can unlock the gates to Jewish tradition for their members in a way that will awaken new generations to be active participants. The Smicha Program will train its musmachim how to open these gates with joy and love, to welcome even those with the most tenuous interest in connecting into the world of Jewish living.

Courses and Curriculum

The courses and curriculum cover core areas of practical halacha including Shabbat and Kashrut with a special emphasis on students acquiring the knowledge and tools necessary to address the complexities and challenges of Jewish observance in 21 Century Diaspora communities. In addition to advanced Talmud, halachic studies and pastoral training, the program will feature in-depth study of the teachings of Reb Shlomo and other Chassidic masters to deepen and expand the inner world of the program’s participants.

Mentor Pairing

The new Smicha Program recognises the importance of personal development and expression of each candidate’s unique talents and includes an option for participants to be paired with mentors in their areas of particular personal interest such as Jewish art, music, or meditation.

Please join us in celebrating Jewish living through Reb Shlomo’s teachings.