The Deep Meaning of the Alef Beit

Rebbetzin Silber

Morah Rochel Rena Silber

Morah Silber has had extensive experience in teaching over the past 30 years. While living in New York, Morah Silber taught in Ezra Academy and had weekly shiurim for women in the local communities. Since making Aliyah in 2001, she has continued teaching in various seminaries such as Neve Yerushalayim, Ba’er Miriam, Maayanot for Women, Tikvah, Midreshet Tehilla, Har Nof Women’s Parsha Shiur, Chabad of Ramat Shlomo and Tiferet. She brings in a broad variety of Chassidus sources in her shiurim, and helps her students develop practical ways of living according to chassidut.