Inner Space II

Starting with an introduction to Olamot, Sefirot, and Partzufim, in preparation for the High Holidays. In general, it is important to understand the function of these different levels of the spiritual universe. For one, Hashem is ONE, beyond any and all categories. But He has different modes or modalities (Olamot, Sefirot, and Partzufim) through which He relates to us. Understanding how He does this gives us a tremendous advantage in understanding our lives, and history in general. Specifically in terms of the High Holidays, when we are coming before Hashem on the deepest soul-level, we want to know what our relationship is to Him.

Rabbi Avraham Sutton (Men and Women)

7:30-8:45PM TUESDAYS


Avraham Sutton has been learning and teaching Torah, Kabbalah, Talmud, Midrash, Chassidut, prayer and meditation for many years. He has translated, edited or authored over 15 major works on the significance of Torah for our age.

Rabbi Sutton teaches a course called Kabbalistic Teachings on Prayer and Meditation.